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Self-grip locking pliers from Kamasa Tools that offer excellent quality and value
Tuesday 13 July 2021

Popular in the Kamasa Tools range are these self-grip locking pliers that are suitable for a wide range of applications from automotive or electrical use to plumbing and home DIY. These are sturdy tools and... read more

Innovative suction-base mini-vice has a multitude of uses
Thursday 01 July 2021

The super-versatile mini vice from Kamasa Tools (part number 56130) features a suction base that anchors it securely to smooth surfaces in seconds.Just place it onto the surface, turn the base lever through 180° and it... read more

Innovative new screwdriver with 4 X speed feature
Tuesday 15 October 2019

A useful and versatile new screwdriver has just been released by Kamasa Tools (part number 56137); it is a smooth ratchet screwdriver, but grip the ratchet gearbox, twist the handle and it turns at four times the speed!... read more

Comprehensive new screwdriver set that offers excellent quality and value
Tuesday 01 October 2019

This truly comprehensive new screwdriver set from Kamasa Tools (part number 56131) offers a fine selection of good quality screwdrivers but also includes a bit-driver and two sets of hex keys (metric and imperial).There... read more

New range of pliers and side cutters from Kamasa Tools that offers excellent quality and value
Wednesday 18 September 2019

Kamasa Tools has just released a new range of pliers and side cutters that is suitable for a wide range of applications from automotive or electrical use through to home DIY. These are sturdy tools and comfortable to... read more

New from Kamasa Tools: this amazingly comprehensive precision screwdriver and accessory set
Thursday 25 July 2019

If ever the term “really useful” could be applied to a precision screwdriver set, then this is the one! This 108-piece set from Kamasa Tools (part number 56121) is so much more than just a screwdriver set.Being a... read more

High quality two-piece wood chisel set
Friday 04 May 2018

This very useful two-piece wood chisel set from Kamasa (part number 56119) is suitable for softwood, plywood and hardwood. Designed for both detailed hand use and hammer impact, the metal striking head is integral with... read more

Versatile new tool sets from Kamasa
Wednesday 26 July 2017

Kamasa has just released these two comprehensive, high quality, tool and screwdriver sets that will cover all your home and workshop needs. Tool kit 56105 has an excellent selection of screwdrivers, bits and pliers and... read more

Comprehensive 71-piece cordless drill bit set
Thursday 15 June 2017

This useful and remarkably comprehensive 71-piece bit set from Kamasa Part number 56104) is designed to be used with a cordless drill or cordless screwdriver.Presented in a compact plastic case with protective rubber... read more