Comprehensive specialist karting tool kit

Comprehensive specialist karting tool kit)

Monday 30 November 2020
Developed in conjunction with Laser Tools Racing kart driver Cody Eustice and his race mechanic, together with input from another of the Laser Tools Racing supported drivers, Jacob Ashcroft — is our new 36pc Karting Tool Kit (part number 8058).

It has everything the budding racing driver will need on a race weekend to keep their kart maintained, on track, and race ready. All the necessary tools are included for maintaining engine, steering and suspension and also for removing front and rear wheels. The kit offers a huge saving over buying the tools individually; it features 36 essential kart tools, and includes repeats of specific size hand tools where more than one is required to carry out a certain task such as two steel rules for helping to set the wheel base on the rear axle. There is also a spring hook for releasing and refitting the potentially hot exhaust fitment springs. 

It is contained in a tough, light weight plastic carry case, making it ideal for use in all weathers, if it’s raining at least you know your tools are safe and not going to corrode. Its compact size is perfect for when space in a packed car or trailer is at a premium. 

Available now from your Laser Tools stockist.