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The household name providing good value, high quality spanners and socket sets, associated tools plus many new and innovative tools for the home mechanic and DIY enthusiast. Now including a new and exciting range of bicycle tools.
Self-grip locking pliers from Kamasa Tools that offer excellent quality and value
Tuesday 13 July 2021

Popular in the Kamasa Tools range are these self-grip locking pliers that are suitable for a wide range of applications from automotive or electrical use to plumbing and home DIY. These are sturdy tools and... read more

Innovative suction-base mini-vice has a multitude of uses
Thursday 01 July 2021

The super-versatile mini vice from Kamasa Tools (part number 56130) features a suction base that anchors it securely to smooth surfaces in seconds.Just place it onto the surface, turn the base lever through 180° and it... read more